No seriously, who are you?

I am a professional hair and makeup artist who fell in love with the photo and fashion industries!

What are you known for?

I’m best known for working on photo shoots with local photographers and with commercial franchises.

What is your greatest creation so far?

Hmm… did you see the photo at the top of the page? Her name is Paris and I honestly can’t think of a greater creation that I’ve had the honor of making and molding in this world. Next question.

Name something many people don't know about you, but should.

People will be surprised to learn that on top of the hair and makeup, I’ve also designed my own fashion line (see Minnie Blue Apparel) and offer photography services as well.

What sets your business apart?

It would have to be my commitment to serving a diverse clientele. I’m proud of the consistent results I get due to the time I’ve taken to work with every texture of hair, all skin and body types, and the full spectrum of complexions.
I might not be famous (yet!), but I’m pretty proud of the people I’ve been blessed to work with and honored by the platforms who’ve featured my work including:
Bush’s Baked Beans
Yee-Haw Brewing Co.
Living East Tennessee | WATE
Catwalk for Water: Aveda Beauty Institute
Aaron White Project
I Am Ashley Smith
Javon Renee Portraits
Knoxville Fashion Week
Asheville Fashion Week
Knoxville Style Magazine
Portrait Masters Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
Saray Taylor, Taylor-Roman Portrait
Altar’d State
Ozone Leos Gymnastics
Zombie Race 5K
The Surreal Beauty Magazine
RAW Nashville
Intercoiffure’s America/Canada Nouveau Hair Show
Launch Pad Magazine
Art and Beauty Magazine
HUSHH Magazine
Marc Nelson Denim
Beauty Pageant Queens
Mrs. East TN 2019
Mrs. TN International 2018
Mrs. TN America 2017
Mrs. Senior America 2015
Miss Anderson County